Gray World



Addie loves Michigan summers, especially those spent at the lake with her best friends. The high school basketball team celebrates another successful year until a perfect summer day turns tragic. A dead body surfaces on the shoreline, and the girls quickly discover that dead isn’t what it used to be.

The group of friends complies with the government-issued quarantine until it’s clear that no one’s coming for them. Without food, water, and electricity, they know it’s time to save themselves. Desperate to return to their homes, they head out into the new, unknown world only to realize it’s nothing they could’ve prepared for.

Danger, both dead and alive, threaten them at every turn. What was supposed to be a three-hour drive turns into an impossible journey.

Addie and her friends must learn to navigate the unknown and fight to survive if they’re ever going to be reunited with their families.

A vividly colorful existence turns desolate and dangerous seemingly overnight. Can a group of teens navigate through the dead gray world before they’re lost to the darkness?

A story of strength, love, resilience, friendship, and…zombies.


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