Alma Weber

He told me that he’d destroy me.

I knew he wasn’t lying, and I loved him anyway. 

I believed in love—in him.

I just wasn’t prepared to carry the weight of his demons.

I wanted forever with him, but life showed me love was temporary, and forever was a dream.

Despite everything that happened, even now, I wouldn’t change any of it.

For a love to have the capacity to destroy you, it has to be extraordinarily powerful—and that kind of love is impossible to walk away from.

Leo Harding

I warned her that I’d ruin her. I knew that I’d taint her innocence with my bad intentions.

I was weak.     

She was perfection.

I was nothing.

The truth is that I loved her, and I selfishly wanted to hold on—to her, to the man she had made me, to the life we could have.

I wanted to dance with her in the light despite knowing that the darkness would find me anyway.

Heartbreak was inevitable.

Yet I held on to the sliver of hope that I was wrong, that love really was enough.

Destiny isn’t something I buy into, but she makes me want to believe.

***Intended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

What Readers are Saying About Bared Souls

Excuse me while I continue to bawl into some tissues. This book. My heart. My soul. I am seriously broken after reading this story. It is one of those loves that will consume you and be all encompassing. This to me was such a raw and powerful story of love, life, heartbreak and soulmates. I felt so wrapped up in this tale of Alma and Leo that I did not want to let go. Wade created something that is pure magic. It felt real and so much more.” ★★★★★ Suzanne

This book will break you into a million pieces and then put you back together again. Maybe not whole, but beautiful still the same. There are so many deep, scarring events in both Alma and Leo’s pasts. But together, they will tread through life, hand in hand. So many dreams are built, and accomplished, between these two characters. Is there drama? Yes. Will it hook you in? Yes. Will you love every minute? Yes. Will these two characters leave their imprint on your soul? Most definitely. This is a Top Read of 2020.” ★★★★★ Erin

Wow, I can’t say enough about how emotional and well-written this book is. It takes you on a devastating journey that not enough writers are brave enough to write about. This book was wonderful and kept me on my toes from start to finish. The characters are deep and enriched and the story is just beautiful. You will fall in love with Alma and Leo. This is a must-read for everyone. I absolutely loved it and you will too.” ★★★★★ Gayla

From the first page there was a pit in my stomach. I so wanted Alma to find her true love. Ellie Wade does it again with a heart wrenching love story. The powers of love that draw us together and keep us together resonate throughout Bared Souls. Be prepared to cry for the love story that is Leo and Alma. He promises to destroy her and he just about destroyed me while reading his story. Do not miss this book!” ★★★★★ Jessica

Hauntingly beautiful, Bared Souls is an emotionally driven and romantic love story. With each word, Ellie Wade captivated me and had me on the edge of my seat. The angst hits an epic level and my heart shattered into a thousand pieces while I held hope for Leo and Alma to find their HEA. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is beautiful, tragic, sweet, loving, and painstakingly perfect.” ★★★★★ Andrea