This experience with Aiden is unlike previous times when I’ve danced with others. It is so much more. No words are spoken, but I hear everything. Each caress of a hand is a love note. Every time his fingers press into my skin is a hope-filled whisper. Our connection is visceral, undeniable.

He feels it, too. I can tell in the way his lips part, allowing his breaths to come out in heavy gusts. The way his hands roam my body as if they are starved for contact is tantalizing. Our chests press together and I might be imagining it, but I swear I can feel his heartbeat rapidly pounding against me as its cadence matches my own.


The rest of the world fades away and it is just me, Aiden, and this kiss. Our lips. Our tongues. Our breaths. Nothing more. All of my worries, self-doubts, and what-ifs have vanished because a connection like this answers all of my questions. A kiss like this fills me up until there are no doubts left, only desire. A craving so vast that it monopolizes all my senses.